Corrosion is the insidious poison which can go unnoticed for years, even decades. In many cases, whist surface corrosion may be visible, the effects may far outweigh what is visible to the naked eye. While disputes may arise due the incorrect type of material specified or in the specification or application of a protective surface coating, root cause of the corrosion may be well hidden and only through a detailed forensic investigation of the failure can a dispute be settled.

Our laboratory is equipped with the most upto date corrosion test equipment including film thickness gauges, dew point meters, surface profile equipment and the most advanced metallurgical forensic microscopy suite available. From coating inspection, weld investigation, and wide metallurgy inspection, our materials engineer has the facilities to inspect failed components and provide you with a highly detailed and accurate report. Proper detailed corrosion investigation requires both technical and operational expertise. Let our impartial expertise work for you.