BBB Technologies Ltd is a fully independent consultancy business centered on the provision of scientific and technical services in many areas of material science. Using both physical and chemical means, we undertake the forensic examination of an exceptionally wide range of materials which are used to manufacture an even wider range of goods.

We operate from two well equipped laboratories and utilise the most modern methods in materials investigation. Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • In the area of failure investigation, the physical and chemical analysis of paint, adhesives and sealants.
  • Physical and chemical analysis of metals, plastics, composites and inorganic materials such as concrete etc.
  • In the investigation of contamination, the examination of all types of liquids and powders.
  • Investigation and prevention of corrosion in metals.
  • Technical examination of manufactured products for manufacturing errors.
  • Using both physical and chemical analysis, for the investigation and verification of authenticity of manufactured products.
  • Provision of fully illustrated Technical Reports and the provision of Expert Witness opinion.