In carrying out all testing and investigative work, the use of a well-equipped and staffed laboratory is vital. Our laboratories provide invaluable information that aids in the development of a new product or material or in the investigation of cases where materials fail. All of our work is carried out to the highest standards of scientific objectivity, integrity and quality, and you can be assured that our advice is underpinned by validated scientific results.

Our facilities are equipped with the most modern equipment available including all of the modern analytical tools which one would expect from a cutting edge research and investigation laboratory. We have the full range of hot and cold mixing and dispersion equipment which is used in the development of surface coatings and adhesives. We operate the full range of equipment for testing films of paints and adhesives. This equipment includes instruments for testing impact resistance, abrasion, adhesion, flexibility, hardness, film thickness, porosity and much more besides.

Our Memmert Environmental Chamber allows us to age test all manner of materials, from bonded wood laminates, to foam insulation and much more besides.

We maintain a full suite of Olympus and Leica microscopes, all of which are fitted with Canon EOS-R or Canon EOS-1D X Mark II cameras. Our Olympus BX43 is fitted with an ultra high definition Olympus SC20 digital stills and video camera.

In 2019 we also purchased a Leica Forensic Comparison Microscope which is fitted with a Leica CL camera. This instrument allows us to closely examine materials side-by-side, thus being able to closely difference in materials which would otherwise be unnoticed. The Leica CL camera allows us to capture images of stunning quality.

Our work is guaranteed and presented in the most clear and concise technical report. Let our scientific resources work for you.