Adhesives, of glue as it is colloquially called, is possibly the unseen and unsung hero of our modern industrial age. They are hidden everywhere and from cradle to grave, we rely on adhesives to help hold our world together. But as an industrial manufacturer, how do you know what type of glue to use on your production line? How do you know that the glue you are using is the right glue, and its not just because the glue salesman told you so. How do you know that glue is suitable both for the materials which you are bonding and the production line in which you operate. Finally, how can you be assured that the bonded part will not fail during its service life?

These are all questions which are incredibly hard to answer, however with over thirty years expertise in adhesive technology, and the expertise obtained from visiting hundreds of glue users all over the world, we are here to help. Our encyclopaedic knowledge of adhesive chemistry combined with our expertise of materials, allows us to specify the right adhesive for you. Using our well equipped test laboratory, we can subject you bonded components to a wide range of mechanical tests including sheer strength, peel strength and environmental resistance. Irrespective of your raw material or production process, we have the glue solution for you.

Take advantage of what we have to offer and capture a competitive edge in business through the benefit which our adhesive technology and expertise offers you. Let experienced adhesive chemists innovate adhesive solutions for you, and given all of the variables, specify the right glue for the job.