Eamonn Blair is a highly regarded industrial and forensic chemist, who for the past thirty years, has developed and specified for use, hundreds of paints, adhesives and sealants for some of the worlds largest manufacturers. This work has been carried out in Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States.

BBB Technologies Ltd can trace its origins back to 1988 when Eamonn established a laboratory for the physical and chemical analysis of paint films for litigation in which the failure to function of the paint film, was at the heart of the litigation.

In 1993, the laboratory moved to a larger premises where both the product development work expanded, as did the forensic work concerning a range of polymer based systems.

In 2017, the laboratory again moved to a larger facility which is located upon the grounds of the Institute of Technology, Tallaght. The laboratory utilities a range of analytical equipment for all aspects of polymer analysis. Currently, the company is engaged in four distinct areas:

  1. The formulation and development of paints, adhesives and coatings. In the laboratory, we develop and manufacture sample products for clients, and modify these to suit local requirements.
  2. Failure analysis of all types of polymer based systems such as adhesives, coatings, sealants and grouts.
  3. Materials failure, especially fracture mechanics including crack propagation and gross plastic deformation in a range of materials including composites, plastics and wood.
  4. All aspects of corrosion prevention, identification and remediation.

In several recent cases, our assistance was sought in the following inquiries:

  • Within a large construction project, we determined that a ceramic tile adhesive was incorrectly mixed and applied, resulting in severe bond failure. Over 4000 M/Sq of Italian marble floor tiles had to be removed and replaced.
  • Severe coating failure was present upon an exterior car deck. Microscopic analysis of the coating film showed that the contractor had failed to use the concrete primer which was part of the four coat system. The coating upon the 2,000 M/Sq deck had to be removed and replaced.
  • A 40,000 liter water tank was found to be leaking large volumes of water. Analysis of a sealant which was used to seal the joints upon the metal tank, showed that the metal surface was unclean when the sealant was first applied.
  • Failure of a waterbased coating upon exterior timber doors. Our chemical analysis of the plywood showed that the plywood was interior grade, incorrectly marked as exterior grade. Four hundred doors had to be replaced.
  • After six months in service, cracking and flaking was present upon a waterbased paint which was applied to a masonry surface. Examination of the painted areas and analysis of the paint film, showed that the quality of the paint was inferior to that originally specified.

All work is carried out under strict confidentiality and clear pricing is given before any work is undertaken. Our expertise is just a phone call away.



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